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Can induced deafness cure tinnitus

Short answer Sometimes (and yes, deafening has been used as a treatment for some patients). Tinnitus has multiple causes Although the mechanisms of tinnitus are not completely understood, many ...
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Ringing in ears

Most people describe ringing in ears as tinnitus. From a medical perspective, the definition of tinnitus is a real mess. It is typically described as a symptom and not a disease and diagnosis is often ...
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Is regular nightly usage of earplugs healthy?

High quality custom ear plugs (e.g., http://www.etymotic.com/consumer/hearing-protection/erme.html although all custom plug are essentially the same materials) are essentially identical to the molds ...
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If your brain tells you that you hear ringing in you ears, tininitus, why is it so difficult to tell it to stop?

Interesting research offers a possible explanation as to why, even when exposed to the same external harmful noise stimulus, some individuals will develop tinnitus and other individuals will not. ...
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Is there any efficient treatment of Tinnitus (Ear ringing)?

While there is no single treatment to tinnitus as a variety of reasons can cause it some kinds of therapy might help ease symptoms. Tinnitus is a symptom and not a disease so it is helpful to pinpoint ...
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What can extreme tinitis and other ear problems be related to?

From what I can piece together, you are asking about the relationship between fluid build-up, eustachian tube or sinus dysfunction and other cranial conditions. The key thing to realize is that the ...
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