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For healthy people, does Pulse Rate increase significantly when getting up & standing from supine position?

I was reading about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) & I was wondering if for regular healthy people, does pulse rate increase when going from lying down to standing up? Not asking ...
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Blue veins appearing on legs

Lately blue veins started appearing on my girlfriend's legs. She is 21 years old, she works in a flowers factory where she has to stand for around 8 hours on same spot and boxing flowers or whatever. ...
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Dealing with a lot of standing

Question When e.g. working in surgery, one has to stand for a very long time. I'm sure everyone has been through a similar experience. After some time, my back usually starts to feel weird and I ...
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is there evidence that determines the appropriate amount of standing time in a day?

The closest question I was able to find from my search results was How to correctly use an adjustable desk? that was asked almost a year ago with no answers. That said, I spend anywhere from eight to ...
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Alternative solutions to prevent knee pain while standing [closed]

I will reach 40 years old soon, I had a tendinitis on my both knees 2 years ago which gives me pain when I am standing (on the bottom and the sides of the knee). I can stand at most 10 minutes but I ...
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