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Does varicocele size vary with room temperature?

This doubt stems from a discussion I had a few days ago with a friend involving varicocele relief. According to his guess, a prolonged sauna session would produce vasodilation at the level of the ...
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Blue veins appearing on legs

Lately blue veins started appearing on my girlfriend's legs. She is 21 years old, she works in a flowers factory where she has to stand for around 8 hours on same spot and boxing flowers or whatever. ...
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laser hair reomval and varicose veins

Recently, I sterted a new health program ( eating healthy + exercising at least three times a week) . In addition to that, I bought a home laser hair removal machine, and I started using it on some ...
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Walking and running for venis varicose

Veins varicose occurs in the people, who walk slowly (slow walking is also known as "standing" and there is a question asking for how much of slow walking is bad) for the long time. I however see that ...
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Is there no drawback on removing varicose veins?

If we remove our varicose veins because they are useless, would we get any drawbacks by removing them? For example, we might need to remove rest of them next time. Wouldn't it be a problem for us if ...
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