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How long it takes to return to daily activities?

These are my leg x-ray. I had an accident 7th may 2017. My fibula (hope I got the right name) was fractured. My orthopedist says nothings to worry. It will fine within two weeks. I have passed 12 days,...
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broken bone heal time

I am lead to believe that a *minor break will take 6 months to become 99% strong. 12 months to become 100% strong. A orthopaedic surgeon advised me of this. With this in mind any activity that ...
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Ice vs Massage for swelling

I recently sprained my ankle causing impressive/alarming swelling. Dispite the swelling it was not significantly painful i.e I could bear weight with out problem and had reasonable movement without ...
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Alternative solutions to prevent knee pain while standing [closed]

I will reach 40 years old soon, I had a tendinitis on my both knees 2 years ago which gives me pain when I am standing (on the bottom and the sides of the knee). I can stand at most 10 minutes but I ...