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Anatomy: name of the crease between leg and groin

What is the name of the crease/fold/sulcus between the top of the leg and the groin? Here's an image:
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Foot X Ray: Oblique vs Lateral View - Terminology points to Same or different?

Foot X Ray: Oblique vs Lateral View - Same or different? Side note / prelude to question: So I am currently in a high Covid city in Asia and its Sunday. I‘be been already advised to get an AP & ...
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How should I deal with my leg being tired at the fourth day after the overexertion?

For days ago, I run backwards and my thies still hurt (just like muscles hurt when they're exerted). Is that a sign of any injury?
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Anatomy of Knee Locking That Heals in Weeks [closed]

I am trying to understand the anatomy of my injury. How it happened: I was cutting to the left in basketball. My right knee popped 3 times and I felt sharp pain. Immediately after the injury I couldn'...
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Can one have Sciatica without having the leg pain? Just lower back pain?

Can Sciatica manifest itself without having pain run down one of the legs? Can it feel like lower back pain?
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Blue veins appearing on legs

Lately blue veins started appearing on my girlfriend's legs. She is 21 years old, she works in a flowers factory where she has to stand for around 8 hours on same spot and boxing flowers or whatever. ...
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Odd leg swelling

34 year old male. Had a long flight to Cancun Dec 2015, when I arrived my feet and lower legs began to get extremely swollen and red and put me out of commission for the first 3 or 4 days of my ...
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Does lifting legs up before going to bed really reduce nocturia?

Is this an urban myth, or is there a known association between lifting legs before going to sleep, and a reduction in the number of bathroom trips during the night? If so, what is the best time and ...
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