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Are babies turned upside down after birth?

I haven't attended a birth yet, and I heard or saw on some TV show that babies are turn upside down by the doctor and / or slapped in the butt to force them to cry, with the intention of make them ...
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Prevention of numb limbs caused by sleep posture

About a month ago I woke up to my right arm completely numb forearm onwards. It was completely dead and I could swing it around. It took a few minutes for it to come back alive and I didn't care about ...
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How does one strengthen the muscle connected to the lower end of the scapula?

I was so addicted to Tetris in college (playing several hours every day with my left hand farther forward on the keyboard than my right) that my left back visibly atrophied in the region surrounding ...
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Does sleeping on one side affect cognitive development?

I have been sleeping mainly on my right side for as long as I can remember. I am wondering whether this could have had any effect on my cognitive development? I can image that gravity pulling down ...
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Sleep issues when sleeping on back

I've always liked to sleep over my tummy. Now i'm 24 and recently noticed whenever i try to sleep properly on my back at night i feel very stressed the next day, partial sleeps, rolling on bed(even ...
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How to make myself sleep on my side?

Following a sleep study, I've been diagnosed with mild, positional obstructive sleep apnea. One of the clinic's recommendations is: The patient should avoid sleeping supine given non-supine AHI is ...
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Upper body exercises in limited space

I'm recovering from a serious COPD exacerbation, and want to start building my upper body strength; my goal is both to increase the strength of my chest muscles for breathing, as well as reduce my O2 ...
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Medical professionals referring to 'left' and 'right': are they referring to my relative directions or theirs?

Given that they're facing me and I'm facing them. Excerpt from radiologist report: ... there is narrowing of the left neural foramen in comparison to the right ... but whose? Additionally: Is ...
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How harmful would it be to the spine if you were sleeping on a soft rug for a prolonged period of time?

If you were sleeping on a soft rug for a prolonged period of time, how detrimental would it prove to your back? I read somewhere that it is not advisable to sleep on a soft rug for a long period of ...
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Drawbacks of sitting with one leg on a chair

When sitting one the ground I always sit on my knees (Seiza), because when I try to sit on my buttocks I tend to lie down, and it's just very exhausting for me to sit this way. So when I sit on a ...
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What should be the position of feet while sleeping?

I recently came across this post as I suffer from similar knee pain while hiking downhill or on a run. Also be certain you aren't battling other imbalances of the hips and legs. When you lay ...
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5 votes
1 answer

is there evidence that determines the appropriate amount of standing time in a day?

The closest question I was able to find from my search results was How to correctly use an adjustable desk? that was asked almost a year ago with no answers. That said, I spend anywhere from eight to ...
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Cough that decreases on lying on stomach

What type of cough is relieved on lying on stomach? Does post nasal drip show such feature
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Is it better to sleep without a pillow?

I have read several web pages that mention the potential benefits of sleeping without a pillow. Examples: Is Sleeping Without a Pillow a ...
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What is the correct brace position for car accidents?

What is the correct brace position (a.k.a. crash position) for car accidents? The Wikipedia page on brace position focuses on airplane accidents. ...
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Covering head while sleeping?

I cover my head with covers while sleeping. I find difficult to sleep without doing it, I feel like there is not enought dark (thought all lighs are turned off and it's really dark) and I simply ...
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12 votes
1 answer

How does sleeping chest-side down hurt the spine?

I do not know the correct English term for the position, so I will just refer it to as "chest-side down". The following CNN page seem to call it the "stomach position", and they ...
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Is it healthier to lie in the bed/on the sofa or to sit on the chair in front of the desk? [closed]

I mostly stand during my job. At home I can either lie down or sit in a chair with a desk in front of me. So, is it healthier to lie in the bed/on the sofa (e.g. with laptop) or to sit on the chair in ...
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Does lifting legs up before going to bed really reduce nocturia?

Is this an urban myth, or is there a known association between lifting legs before going to sleep, and a reduction in the number of bathroom trips during the night? If so, what is the best time and ...
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Sleeping on stomach - why are people naturally drawn to it if it's bad?

Why are some adults and children naturally drawn to sleeping on their stomachs if it's not a good sleep position (according to many articles)? I understand it's not good for babies because of the ...
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Sleeping position with Hepatitis A

My girlfriend just got discharged from the hospital after being treating for Hepatitis A for a week. Now she is being asked to take care regarding the food she eats and not exert pressure on liver. ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Does sleeping position affect health?

I've heard that the sleeping position of a person affects his health in many ways. Is this true, and if so, in what way does it affect a person and which is the best position to sleep in?
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