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Honey. Is it really alkaline forming?

Honey may be acidic, but, like lemons, it is alkaline-forming in the body. Once in the stomach, it can actually alkalinize your system. In general, your diet should be made up of about 70 percent ...
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What are the health differences between pollen and honey?

I am wondering if there are any health differences between eating pollen and honey. Or does the body treat both substances equally? To put it bluntly, is one healthier than the other?
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pouring honey in nose for sinus infections

I'm doing this, I was having a weird kind of pain between the eyes above the nose, and I thought to try and put honey in there, so I used q-tips dipped in honey, inserted them in the nose (1cm) and ...
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Do honey and cinnamon have anti-inflammatory elements in their biological makeup? What other foods do too?

I have an autoimmune disorder wherein my body is constantly inflamed. While I do take anti-inflammatory medications, I am now looking to complement that with my diet. I heard that cinnamon and honey ...
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Can I re-used Yankee Candle glass bottle for food? [closed]

I have a few used Yankee Candle glass bottles. I am wondering if I can use them for storing honey or other food items?
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