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Are cotton ear cleaners safe to clean the ear wax?

Wax is build in my ear and I want to clean my ear. So, I want to ask that are cotton ear cleaners safe to clean the ear wax ?
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How does one effectively/safely clean-out or wash their belly button to prevent omphalolith-umbolith (navel stones)?

This may sound silly, but a few weeks ago, I received a gag gift in a White Elephant gift exchange and received a belly button brush brush like this: It was good for a few laughs, but it got me ...
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pouring honey in nose for sinus infections

I'm doing this, I was having a weird kind of pain between the eyes above the nose, and I thought to try and put honey in there, so I used q-tips dipped in honey, inserted them in the nose (1cm) and ...
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Rubbing Alcohol and Vinegar

When someone has water stuck in their ear canal one of the remedies is a cotton ball soaked in equal parts of rubbing alcohol and vinegar and placed in the affected ear(s). What how does the alcohol ...
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