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Termination of possible early pregnancy

I had unprotected sex with my wife about 3 weeks back. She missed her periods yesterday. In addition to this, she has been feeling weak, her appetite changed drastically, she is usually an insomniac ...
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Craving sunlight with melatonin?

I have noticed a very strange, but positive, side effect of taking melatonin supplements or cherries high in melatonin (I have blood tests which confirmed food allergies, and apparently my absorption ...
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Vegetarian equivalents for gelatin

I have various health problems (CFS and post-chemo/radiation fatigue, hypothyroidism, stress intolerance, all of which some article or other on the internet seems to suggest might be helped by gelatin)...
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Is wanting to eat a lot of salt, a sign for something?

So recently most of my colleagues have been commenting that I eat too much salt and they're saying it's a sign for blood pressure and some says it's diabetes. And I do occasionally have a craving for ...
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Natural ways to quit smoking

I have been smoking for the past three years and I have decided to quit smoking cold turkey. It has been three days now! I am used to smoking during breaks. The craving is the worst every time I even ...
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