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1 answer

Pills as an alternativ for fruits

I visited my dentist today and she told my that I should stop eating lemon and lime because it damage my teeth. Is there a pill or and alternative way that can replace this? They say that fruits are ...
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Is there any definitive prevention for tooth decay?

I understand (in a too simplified way) that the main cause of tooth decay is the mineral breakdown of the tooth enamel by the action of acids formed from food debris on the mouth. If that's correct, ...
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1 vote
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The enamel of our teeth are softer/harder at various points in the day? Brushing after a meal harmful to enamel?

Growing up, I was always taught to brush my teeth after eating breakfast, but should I be brushing my teeth before breakfast? The reason why I brushed afterwards was to remove the food bits/taste ...
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2 votes
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Can drinking magnesium citrate cause tooth enamel erosion?

I am taking trimagnesium citrate powder dissolved in water and I was thinking whether the citric acid is a problem to my teeth.
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4 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to have dental sealants removed permanently?

I'm interested in whether it's possible to have dental sealants (on the back molars) removed (and not replaced). I've heard from (possibly not-credible sources) that acid used when applying (possibly ...
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Is brushing teeth without toothpaste actually harmful?

Another user mentioned that brushing teeth without toothpaste is dangerous because it's "likely to cause micro-scratches in the enamel of one's teeth". How true is the claim? To be exact, let's ...
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