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Rinsing vs not rinsing until 30 mins after brushing teeth (dry sensation) [duplicate]

First timer here.. I don't know this situation has been asked/shared before or not, but I couldn't find any similar question online. So I have read the recommendation that better we do not rinse ...
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Are electrical toothbrushes harmful for gingiva?

I found this answer about the benefits of electric toothbrushes with tons of sources. It only mentions the positive impacts on plaque removal and gingival inflammation (i.e. efficiency of the cleaning)...
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Is there any medical evidence that one toothbrush shape is better than another? [closed]

I've noticed that electric toothbrushes these days typically come in one of two shapes, or a combination of the two. The first shape is a circular shape, where the bristles spin in a circle. The ...
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When using a Philips Sonicare toothbrush with pressure sensor, is it possible to cause gum damage when pushing too hard? [closed]

When using a Philips Sonicare toothbrush with pressure sensor, is it possible to cause gum damage when pushing too hard? Some of their toothbrushes have a pressure sensor. When you push too hard, it ...
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Fluoride poisoning by toothpaste

Long story short: Is there a maximum number of teeth brushing per day without having fluoride poisoning? Full story: It is certain that a high fluoride intake leads to health problems. This is ...
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How to maintain hygiene of toothbrush

Shall i be interested in hygiene of toothbrush, and if so: How to keep toothbrush clean for long period (1-2 months) if you use toothbrush to clean your teeth without any toothpaste I'm looking for ...
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Which criteria should one look at when purchasing an electric toothbrush?

Which criteria should one look at when purchasing an electric toothbrush (from a medical perspective, i.e. ignoring non-medical criteria such as price, battery, life expectancy or warranty), and what'...
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Is there by any way to 'remotely' brush teeth

As the title stated, is there any way we can get our teeth clean (like we brushed it) without physical contact of us with our teeth? Or is there anyway to get our teeth clean in less than 3 minutes (...
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Brushing, flossing, and mouth wash

If a person had to choose only 1 method of oral hygiene, what would be the most effective for achieve health gums and teeth: 1- brushing with toothpaste 2- flossing 3- rinsing with mouth wash
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Should we rinse with water after brushing our teeth?

I've heard that rinsing with water after teeth brushing lowers or negates the benefits that fluoride provides to our teeth, but I've also heard everything in between; from there's no problem with it, ...
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Is brushing teeth without toothpaste actually harmful?

Another user mentioned that brushing teeth without toothpaste is dangerous because it's "likely to cause micro-scratches in the enamel of one's teeth". How true is the claim? To be exact, let's ...
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Are there any proven benefits of electric toothbrushes over manual toothbrushing?

Advertising has extolled the benefits of electric-powered toothbrushes for decades now, and dentists seem to prefer certain brands over others, some even selling them in their offices. In almost every ...
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