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Is it considered eosinophilia if the total eosinophil count is normal but the eosinophil percentage is high?

If the total eosinophil count is normal but the eosinophil percentage is high, is it considered eosinophilia, or is it merely grounds for a rerun of the test? In a paper by Kovalski and Weller (2016), ...
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Can inadequate amount of water in body, affect CBC test results?

I remember once my father took a CBC test, and his hemoglobin was strangely higher than that of one day before. We thought the test could be erroneous, but the lab's technician said it's probably ...
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What does the stability of blood test means for patient who have few pains in different parts of the body

What does the stability of a CBC (and all related tests) means for a patient who is not suffering anything besides few ache here or there like in stomach or the back? More generalized, if a blood ...
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Covariance matrix for Complete blood count

What is known about a (multivariate) statistical distribution of complete blood count? Especially about the covariance or correlation matrix (in a healthy population).
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Who decides the "normal" values for blood count?

I'm currently researching the values for a Complete Blood Count. Obviously different sources give slightly different values, usually due to rounding, but I found that some values consistently shifted ...
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Myelocytes present in CBC

0.1 X10E3/uL Myelocytes It says the normal range is 0. Is there something wrong with having that many myelocytes?
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