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Can band-aids prevent or reduce acne scar formation?

Can band-aids prevent or reduce acne scar formation? It's known that keeping wounds covered is actually better for healing. Here are the reasons: It keeps our skin cells from drying out so that scabs ...
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How do sterile bandages stay sterile if the packaging can absorb and release air?

I was at a store that had large hospital- and field grade medical bandages. Think stuff EMTs and field medics would work on somebody with: 5x12ish and quickclot and other stuff. They had several large ...
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How can I create orthopedic insole/slipsole by my own means? [closed]

I want to try using orthopedic insole, but found them extremely expensive if one want to get an individual design for some pair of shoes. In my basic understanding it should not be difficult to create ...
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Recommendation for long-lasting (eg 1 week) airproof and waterproof plaster?

I'm attempting the "duct tape" treatment for a wart, which has worked well in the past with a verucca. tape The treatment involves ...
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