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Is it possible to survive too high CO2 by also having too high O2 concentration?

Hypothetically, if a person is breathing an atmosphere for a long period of time, that has too much carbon dioxide in it, enough that would normally cause lethally low blood oxygen levels, but the ...
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CO2 buildup versus O2 depletion

If someone is in a sealed room, the available oxygen will be slowly converted to carbon dioxide. The combined concentration of both gasses will remain constant, their relative concentrations starting ...
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How much more likely to die of covid, once infected, are you if you have no access to medical treatment?

How much more likely to die of covid, given that you are already infected with it, are you when you have no access to medical treatment compared to when you have access to full medical treatment ...
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Do oxygen and carbon dioxide move with Brownian motion? And, if so, do they get trapped by N95 masks?

Do oxygen and carbon dioxide move with brownian motion? And, if so, do they get trapped by N95 masks? Health professionals are experts agree: we should be wearing masks all day when in public during ...
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Can oxygen shortage in breaths affect the person's voice properties?

It is both funny and strange, that after hearing this on a movie(which I assumed then, it's been added to make movie sound deeply scientific), about oxygen shortage in successive breaths affect person'...
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Effects of n95 respirator in-flight - from the point of view of ambient oxygen level

I have a generic question about the usage of n95/99 or higher filtration respirators in high-altitude flights. With current pandemic situation we see many government/airlines are enforcing the use of ...
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Can CPAP devices connected with oxygen sources be used as ventilators?

I want to inquire if CPAP devices can act as low performance ventilators, if they are connected to an oxygen source as well. I am asking this question in regards to the covid-19 pandemic. There are ...
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Does oxygen supplementation in case of pneumonia cause effects other than possibly preventing hypoxemia?

I've been reading about oxygen supplementation and have a question about the effects of oxygen supplementation in case of pneumonia. Patients with aspiration pneumonitis or pneumonia may progress to ...
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Why transfused blood has lower 2,3 - BPG levels

I read the following quote in the textbook Kaplan Biochemistry (2018 edition, page 183): Transfused blood has lower than expected 2,3 BPG levels, making it less efficient at delivering oxygen to ...
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What's the typical concentration of medical oxygen?

What's the concentration level of oxygen in a standard medical oxygen gas which is normally found in ambulances or hospitals? Does it contain nitrogen too?
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Does the administration of oxygen to ischaemic patients improve outcome?

In several articles it is reported how isvhaemic (stroke) patients’ outcome Ian improved by oxygen therapy. How beneficial is the administration of oxygen? Are there any studies or guidelines?
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How wrist wearables count breaths?

I am doing a research about wrist wearables in order to understand how they work. They can be used to measure stress levels, just like pupillometry, skin conductance and other related measures can be. ...
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When trapped in an air pocket does breathing slowly prolong the amount of time you have? [closed]

So there is roughly 21% oxygen in the air. When taking a "normal" breath you saturate your blood with oxygen and exhale air with roughly 16% oxygen. With that in mind, I am curious if changing your ...
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Effect of training on air intake [closed]

Say we have two men, A and B, A is trained and B is not. Apart from that they have the same weight and running technique. When they both run at the same speed for 5 km does the amount of air they ...
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Are there no threats and only benefits for using hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Following this story and many others, I read articles that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help people with brain damage but can also help healthy people. I heard that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can ...
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How do sterile bandages stay sterile if the packaging can absorb and release air?

I was at a store that had large hospital- and field grade medical bandages. Think stuff EMTs and field medics would work on somebody with: 5x12ish and quickclot and other stuff. They had several large ...
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The scientific evidence of '4-7-8' breathing trick to induce sleep

I read that a simple '4-7-8' breathing trick can induce sleep in 60 seconds Simple '4-7-8' breathing trick can induce sleep in 60 seconds.Dr Andrew Weil says it works because it allows the lungs ...
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Bleomycin and Oxygen

Do patients exposed to bleomycin as a part of their chemotherapy regime have to avoid exposure to concentrated levels of oxygen for the rest of their life? If not, how long after treatment ceases ...
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