Can band-aids prevent or reduce acne scar formation?

It's known that keeping wounds covered is actually better for healing. Here are the reasons: It keeps our skin cells from drying out so that scabs don't form. Scabs can impede healing and increase scarring. It protects the wound from re-injuries.

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Would the same apply if someone picks on their acne till there's bleeding, and use band-aids after washing their facial wounds properly? Can it actually minimize acne scars formation?

I haven't heard of dermatologists recommending band-aids for acne scar prevention yet. It can be quite difficult not to pick our skin with acne.


You can find a lot about acne scars. This site explains the formation of scar tissue:

Don't pick at your pimple (obviously). But since you'll do it anyway, clean the area after you mess with it. "Briefly cleanse the area with a half hydrogen peroxide, half water solution," says Rebecca Tung, a dermatologist in La Grange Park, Illinois. "This will help dry out the lesion and minimize any bacterial growth, which helps prevent infection and scarring."

So we need to minimize infection by keeping out the bacteria. Bandages can do that, but most band aids are not sterile. They are mostly to cover small wounds to avoid leaking bodily fluids onto clothing. They have a magical effect on children "I don't see the wound, so it is not there." especially when empowered with a kiss of a caretaker and a funny picture.

This does not mean, it has no effect at all. But cleaning the area with a bacterial killer has the most effect.

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