I am told that applying Vitamin-E before donating blood prevents permanent scar formation. But won't it's effect be nullified when the Phlebotomist applies the disinfectant before drawing my blood? Is there any time prescription that it should be applied this many minutes before donating blood so that it may be fully effective?

Also, I hear that regular hair oils (such as almond hair oil) also have Vitamin E. Can they be used to prevent scar formation??

  • What makes you believe blood donation will form a scar? I have multiple blood samples, IVs etc done every month and while scars are forming inside my veins according to the people who have to get the needles in, I see nothing on the outside, on my skin. I have never heard of someone worrying about scars from donating blood. – Kate Gregory Dec 9 '17 at 15:46
  • @KateGregory I have donated blood 4 times now from the same spot (on the inside of my right hand's elbow) and there's a scar formation visible. So I believe scar formation is inevitable when neddle is used at the exact same spot repeatedly. I'm not sure about the science behind your assertion, though, and I'm sure there must be some science behind it. That's why this question. – Zuch Jan 4 '18 at 11:43

WebMD seems to suggest no:

"Atopic eczema (disorder causing skin itching)

Vitamin E has been applied to the skin to prevent scars. However, because of a risk of allergic skin reaction, some researchers have advised against the use of this therapy. Further studies are needed."


"Scar prevention

Vitamin E applied to the skin does not appear to reduce surgical wound scarring. Because of a risk of allergic skin reaction, some researchers have advised against the use of this therapy."


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