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Can sniffling lead to otitis media? [closed]

Is there any link between excessive sniffling when having a runny nose and otitis media? By sniffling I mean propelling thin watery mucus up one's nose into the nasal cavity rather than pulling thick ...
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Possible mucus come out of eye when blow nose?

I am super congested and I blew my nose a bit ago, and I felt that the sinus pressure was so severe that s mucus/phlegm excreted from the orifice of my eye somehow. is this possible? are the sinus ...
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Cause and solution for - pain on right side of nose after blowing nose

I haven't found anything online related to this "condition" and at the moment it is driving me crazy. I have the flu, it is nothing serious except, many an occasion I have blown my nose and a "bubble ...
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Is there any evidence that blowing your nose speeds recovery from a cold?

It seems to be standard advice to blow your nose when congested from a cold, but is there any evidence that this actually helps, either with severity or duration of symptoms?
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