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Is combining an Alpha1AdrenergicReceptorAgonist (A1ARA) nasal spray with a steroid nasal spray a plausible practice?

I didn't find such a combo spray on AAAAI's website. According to no interactions been found between Prednisione (an oral corticosteroid) and Sudafed PE Congestion (containing phenylephrine) ...
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One-sided nasal obstruction while lying normal?

Here's a question to which I've not been able to get clear answer to date, after researching widely online, and also consulting multiple doctors and ENTs: Is it normal, when lying in a horizontal ...
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What is the difference between Rhinitis, nasal congestion and runny nose?

Rhinitis, nasal congestion and runny nose → from prior reading on these terms I recognize somewhat inconsistency in regards to how people define them or use them in various articles. I personally ...
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Nasal congestion or fever as a mechanism to combat infection

As far as I know, nasal congestion and fever are generally regarded as symptoms of many illnesses (e.g. flu), not as mechanisms that the body uses to fight an infection. Nonetheless, a lot of people ...
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Can ear wax cause nasal congestion?

I read that blocked middle ear/Eustachian tubes can cause nasal congestion as they are connected up to the back of the ear drum, yet flushing these out with salt mixed with water has no effect. So ...
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Why does fess Sinu-Cleanse say not to use if your nasal passages are completely blocked

On the pack it says to not to use if the nasal passage is completely blocked. Can using it with a blocked nasal package cause harm and if so how? [
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Does consuming dairy make mucus thicker? Why?

I've been told to avoid eating dairy during a heavy cold or sinus infection because dairy makes mucus very thick. I've also read elsewhere that dairy doesn't impact thickness of mucus... But anecdotal ...
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Possible mucus come out of eye when blow nose?

I am super congested and I blew my nose a bit ago, and I felt that the sinus pressure was so severe that s mucus/phlegm excreted from the orifice of my eye somehow. is this possible? are the sinus ...
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Should a toddler drink milk if has congestion?

Are there any studies that prove drinking milk while having a cols is a bad practice - especially for toddlers?
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Can nasal congestion cause fatigue..?

I have had nasal blockage for 10+ years. One nasal would be completely blocked up and the other open and vise versa. It's not allergies, cold/flu as I've tried any and all medications. Recently it has ...
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Is there any evidence that blowing your nose speeds recovery from a cold?

It seems to be standard advice to blow your nose when congested from a cold, but is there any evidence that this actually helps, either with severity or duration of symptoms?
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Nasal congestion on wakeup in healthy individuals vs. vasomotor rhinitis sufferers

How common is it for healthy individuals to wake up with one nostril congested to the point where there is no airflow through that nostril, and respiration takes place solely through the other nostril?...
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