I haven't found anything online related to this "condition" and at the moment it is driving me crazy.

I have the flu, it is nothing serious except, many an occasion I have blown my nose and a "bubble of air" is trapped in my I assume is my sinus canals. It usually takes a few hours to eventually come out, and the sound associated is like spraying a can of aerosol or the like, which comes from my right-side of my nose, where the pressure is/was.

Why does this occur and how can I prevent this, when it has occurred, what remedy should I follow?

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It sounds like as you say air is being forced under pressure into one of the paranasal sinuses and being trapped by a one way valve similar to pneumosinus dilatans. But in your case the valve breaks down and lets the air release. Perhaps you shouldn't blow so hard, or try blowing one nostril at a time so that the pressure isn't so great.

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