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Why does lack of exercise cause heartburn? [closed]

In my experience and according to medical advice I’ve sought in the past, heartburn can be caused by extreme lack of movement. (as an aside, isn’t there a single word that means “tendency to not move ...
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GERD - path to cure and prevent gerd from ever coming back

I am trying to wrap my head around the massive amount of information how is GERD caused and treated. GERD is caused by the lower sphincter of your esophagus relaxing abnormal or weakens, stomach acid ...
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What is the long term side effect of lying after eating?

I've read online that we shouldn't lie down after eating because it'll contribute to acid reflux. However, I personally never feel the presence of acid reflux if I lie down after eating. What are the ...
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What are effective lifestyle modifications for people with gastric acid reflux?

As many as 7% of Americans suffer from heartburn every day, and many more suffer it at least weekly. In the "old days", people with heartburn were advised to eat smaller meals, drink less alcohol, ...
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