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Why does lack of exercise cause heartburn? [closed]

In my experience and according to medical advice I’ve sought in the past, heartburn can be caused by extreme lack of movement. (as an aside, isn’t there a single word that means “tendency to not move ...
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Does sitting too much causes hip pain? [closed]

This is my first question here, and I don't know if here is a right place for it. I am a student, and I study software engineering, so I have to sit down for a long time a day, to study, and I study ...
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Too much sitting as bad as smoking?

I have heard that when you sit very long times every day that it is as bad for your health as smoking cigarettes. Especially, it is bad for your metabolism and especially the lungs get into a bad ...
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Is it healthier to lie in the bed/on the sofa or to sit on the chair in front of the desk? [closed]

I mostly stand during my job. At home I can either lie down or sit in a chair with a desk in front of me. So, is it healthier to lie in the bed/on the sofa (e.g. with laptop) or to sit on the chair in ...
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