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People who can't receive O negative blood?

In Season 5, episode 3 of New Amsterdam (also here), a patient can't receive O negative blood. I, being "O neg", always thought that absolutely everyone, without exception could get O ...
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How many lives an organ donor with brain death who is otherwise healthy can save on average?

Considering all of the probabilities including the probability of the rejection of the transplants, how many lives could this donor save on average if we transplant his organs to other people who need ...
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Why bone marrow patient and donor cannot meet?

There's a common policy that bone marrow patient and donor aren't allowed to meet or reveal their identities. In some countries they can't meet for a year of two after the transplant. In some others -...
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What are plasma donations used for?

While a lot of blood donor websites online tell you what plasma is composed of, they don't seem to go into what it's used for. What are some potential applications of plasma donations, and is there ...
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What are the hazards from smoking or drinking and then donating blood?

Why the donors are always advised not to smoke tobacco or drink alcohol for a particular amount of time before blood donation? What adverse effects can the receiver be subjected to if the blood of a ...
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Time intervals between blood donations

What interval should blood donors wait between donations, and what are the risks involved in donating with shorter intervals than recommended?
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