I work as a healthcare administrator full-time, and also built manage the company's website. I also have some side-projects I'm working on, and my web development skills are limited. I work mostly with Wordpress, specifically because It's easy enough for someone who's not a professional programmer to create an elaborate site.

I'm 35 years old, male, never married, no kids. I have two dogs. My work and my hobbies are my life. I date occasionally, but only if I'm generally interested in the girl. I prefer the peace and serenity of being single to cohabiting with someone I don't genuinely love.

I also live on the water and enjoy boating, fishing, weight lifting and exercise in general.

I have a BA in Public Relations from Tulane, and will likely enroll in graduate school at some point in the near future.

I have approximately 12 years of experience working with web development. I have coded sites from scratch using Dreamweaver (a long, long time ago), but I kind of stopped learning after HTML4 moved to HTML5. I can still work with most html and css, but other coding languages are above my paygrade.

Any help this forum can provide will be greatly appreciated, and likewise I will attempt to contribute any knowledge I have that may be of benefit to the community.

My forte is with organic search, so the chances are that's where I'll be able to contribute knowledge that most everyone here doesn't already know.

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