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How many people end up needing medical attention during the 15 minute window after receiving the Pfizer vaccine?
17 votes

The most noteworthy complication, and most heard about in the news, is anaphylaxis. This article breaks down cases of anaphylaxis nicely: Reports of Anaphylaxis After Receipt of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines ...

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Is there any identified policy Australia is doing to successfully control the covid-19 pandemic and have no deaths, other countries aren't using?
5 votes

Australia's low COVID rates can be explained by three factors: always locking down until zero community cases are reached, having no land borders and enforcing a hardcore quarantine on all arrivals. ...

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Are there any central trackers for COVID-19 trials?
3 votes

Such a tracker is available on the Milken Institute website. It currently lists 52 vaccine candidates and 79 treatment candidates. Update: one month later (May 4th) it lists 123 vaccine candidates and ...

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Why don't we take a random sample of the population to estimate the amount of COVID-19 cases?
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Denmark did this recently and found that 2.7% of Danes living in the Capital region already have antibodies for the disease. This isn't randomized per se as these samples are from people donating ...

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