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I was born 1994. I’m bachelor student in mechanical department of Sharif university of technology

I start research when I was 13. I invented DNA extraction kit for student when I was 15 and had confrece poster in 6th national conference of biotechnology. After that made genetic Identify algorithm in 16, had speech in 7th national conference of biotechnology. So we [my team] made Noor genetic Identifier software ( NoorGIS) to identify Unknown people in large accident same as war , earth quick ,…. Also have paper on it. in 2013 start working on effect of J-wave syndrome as team member on Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD). in this project we try to find why SCD happen and how we can Predict who may have SCD. In university I’m assistance in center of excellence design, robotic and automation (CEDRA). The project I was in : 1- how to use openkinect in Linux. 2- assistance to “Learn second language to atheism kids with NAO” 3- design 11 DOF humanoid robot

I introduce to programming, linux, embedded board same as : cubieboard, raspberry Pi and Arduino. Now I'm 21 and try to make my way!

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