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How to improve memorizing ability?
1 votes

Train your Brain. its not the supplement in the market which will boost your memory application, althgough you can take Omega supplements which is good for brain stuff and heart.

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Sharp sudden pain in torso?
1 votes

Check with doctor first. 1 - i think you have spin or disk hernia near L5-S1 or so 2 - is your posture poor or stable? 3 - if you sneeze (simulate real sneeze) does the pain triggers? Drink lot of ...

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Can brushing teeth to hard cause the gums to retract?
0 votes

Bursh your teeth daily 3 times, but gently. For the front use up to down, from down to up motion, not left to right motion. Also, you should use daily mouth wash liquide which kills the bacteria too ...

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Most common nutrient deficiencies for athletes (runners)
-2 votes

You need to keep using protein (which is egg white), you need to keep your diet into fruit not fast foods (pizza). There are some supplements which you can take to have balanced health, which you ...

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