Leopoldo Sparks

Contributing to Parenting Stack Exchange is exhausting.

Floods of questioning comments when you ask a question

Ask a question. People either ignore the question, or they flood it with comments trying to tie it down to a very narrow specific question, which they then either move to a different site, or close as off-topic, or ignore because now they can't answer it. Just answer the question, welcome the user, and let them know they can ask for clarifications in comments.

Baffling moderation

It's a tiny site. There are a handful of mods. StackExchange has a vigorous moderation policy (this is a feature, not a bug). But even so the moderation is bafflingly inconsistent. Obvious trolls go unchallenged; people trying to make good faith attempts to contribute get moderate away.

I'm not going to keep contributing here.

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