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Meaning of "Chest wall, Sp, Ps" in a description of tumor recurrence locations
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Mr. Hiroyasu Yamashiro wrote an anwer: Thank you for your question about the paper. The meaning of the abbreviations you ask is as follows. Thank you. Sp - Supraclavicular lymph nodes ...

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Can an antipyretic (I.e. Aspirin) lower normal body temperature?
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Kudos for finding that study on mice! I also googled a bit for references.. From "Physiology Secrets" (page 315) by Hershel Raff, published in 2003: Furthermore, in one other source the ...

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Is there a term for a blood pressure level that is too high but which is typical for the patient and causes no symptoms?
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I also found this expression: habitual blood pressure. I don't know how common it is. An excerpt from Constitutional disorders of homeostasis. The genetic aspect of diabetes mellitus, essential ...

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