Ferran Salguero

Experienced multinational corporation software engineer, independent developer on my free time and mountain biking enthusiast.

I also build custom projects (websites, apps) on demand. Check my site at http://ferransalguero.github.io if you are interested in hiring me for details and portfolio.

Some of my public projects:

  1. Motivate, a motivational tool for Strava users
  2. Telemetry, an equipment and configuration analitycal tool for Strava users
  3. MTBConfigurator, a multi-brand MTB components configurator
  4. #WhereToBuy, a price comparison tool site
  5. Custom Domain manager and reseller, forget about renewals and configuration for only 20€/year
  6. Co-creator of Emoji Quest, a fun Windows Phone Game App
  7. Personal webpages: Ferran Salguero's homepage
  8. Professional homepages/Portfolios: Raquel Estrada's Portfolio
  9. Blog and website customization on any platform: Put in your basket, La Mullena
  10. Bootstrap professional customization for websites
  11. Twitter Stats
  12. Designing an RPG/Adventure indie game
  13. Wishlist Manager, a windows price tracking app (deceased)
  14. Raffello, a smart shopping web community