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Is Glue on Chocolate and other Wrappers Safe/ Edible?
Accepted answer
7 votes

It can be trusted as safe as much as the regulations that it comes under can be trusted to make it safe and producers following said regulations. Materials and articles that come into contact ...

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How to gain weight naturally or by food around the house
5 votes

To increase weight and be healthy eat plenty of food rich in proteins (black beans, chickpeas, broccoli, potatoes, mushrooms), carbohydrates (Whole grain bread, pasta, cereals) and fat (avocado, olive ...

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What is the health danger of frying past a smoking point?
2 votes

It seems to be that the health danger of frying past a smoking point is absorbing cancer-causing chemicals from the fumes the oil produces or from ingesting the oil itself. ... it is believed that ...

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Who offers CO2 Laser treatment for Bartholin's Cysts in California?
1 votes

I found a lead that may provide you with a practitioner in California that offers the treatment you are looking for. provides patients with complete access to AAGL’s Physician Finder, ...

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Do Omega 3 in capsules contain PCB?
1 votes

Apparently omega-3 supplements do contain PCB. But I don't know what kind of container the supplement comes in (if it comes in capsules or not) The quality of fish oil / omega-3 supplements varies ...

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What tests to be done in annual checkup after 50 years of age?
-3 votes

According to the websites bellow, it´s a good idea to do the following tests annually at age 50 and beyond (beware of false positives, which "could trigger a cascade of even more tests, only to ...

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