Dean J

I like working with good people, building interesting things, and pulling up others to do more. I generally lead small offices or mid-size organizations.

I’m an engineer (PHP/Java/C++/Python/JS/C#/etc). I’ve driven major increases in revenue, while simultaneously improving user quality. I have experience in technical design, process improvement, team leadership, user experiments, and data analysis.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people and worked in multiple roles with hire/fire responsibilities. Extensive K-12 outreach, work as a teaching assistant, and an awful lot of patents. Prior to technology, I worked as a cab driver, concert promoter, and bartender.

If there was a course that computer science degrees lack that was designed to make you a much better engineer early-career, even odds that The Pragmatic Programmer and Code Complete would be the texts. As the less-technical guide to working in the software industry, Team Geek is worth a read. (Or it's second version, Debugging Teams.)

For interviews specifically, Steve Yegge made a post that got me my job, and I wrote a later article talking about technical interviews aimed at undergrads. Gayle McDowell's set of books are the full length master class.

Meanwhile, some of my responses on stackoverflow:

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