Uroš Jarc

Experienced software engineer with a physics background, having real-life industrial experience from various fields in Web & cloud, desktop, QA & testing, Data & analytics.

"Turning peoples dreams into their reality" is my motto, and "No problem" is my mentality.


  • GUI, CLI, python and node.js libraries, Linux, Android
  • Frontend, backend, API integrations, webhooks, bots
  • Big-data, machine learning, visualization, data extraction
  • QA automatization, (unit, integration, regression, E2E) testing

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I got my first programming experiences in elementary school where I was attending LOGO programming language class and competitions. I have continued my education in a high school of engineering in which I wrote programs for various CNC milling machines and then switched to a high school of electronics where I studied embedded systems and various microcontrollers (PIC, Arduino), and in the process created projects like electronic coin counter and RPM meter. I continued to build up my programming knowledge in the faculty of mathematics and physics in which I got a rock solid mathematical foundation in the fields of data science, analytics, AI, machine learning, data visualization, and general programming. While studying high-level physics and mathematics I also develop "everything can be understood" mentality. Unfortunately, I have failed to finish a bachelor degree in physics because I got seriously ill. I had to drop out of college to focus on my inner well being and to heal my self. After recovery, I started programming for various software companies. After many years of real-life industrial experiences from various fields of programming jobs, I reevaluate my life and how I want to live my life. I quit my high paid programming job and moved to a remote farm where I'm currently working as a full-time freelancer and part-time farmer.

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