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I have been working with data all the time since 1989. Along the way, I've worked as a mainframe programmer, a Windows programmer, a DBA, a sysadmin, a data developer, and a data architect. I've also done some management along the way, but please don't hold that against me. But whatever I've done, it's always involved data in a central way. I've also worked as a technical author and trainer, releasing one SQL Server database design book with my name on it and authoring several Microsoft Certification Exams without my name on them, as well as many other official and unofficial practice exams for SQL Server and Oracle.

If detailed problems need solution prototypes, I love exploring iteratively, frequently gravitating toward Python, bash, and Powershell, whichever is most appropriate. When other people talk to me because they think I can help them with a design problem or a performance issue, I think the most important thing to do is listen, which can be hard when you want to jump in with ideas, but it's the most important thing since they've trusted me to enter their world. Meeting people this way who are good to collaborate with is the best part of work.

I am a security enthusiast and have coached a high school cyber defense team since the fall of 2008. They have won our state CDC competition. A lot. I also like hacking my phone. That used to mean rooting it and similar things. Now I realize that if I have root access to my phone, that means malware does, too, so I've gone the other direction, and I run GrapheneOS.

Aside from all that tech stuff, I am a Christian, a husband, and a father of four pretty darn good people. I like watching movies (and documentaries!) and listening to books, playing stupid games on my phone, and driving around Eastern Iowa, enjoying the scenery while listening to audiobooks.

I used to love biking (including long distances) and playing Ultimate (Frisbee), but I've gained too much weight, so I'm trying to eat less so I can at least ride a bike 50 miles or so before I'm too old!

The funniest thing about my StackExchange profile is that my score for Medical Science right now is higher than my score for Database Administration. My wife is a very good, highly skilled, and compassionate nurse, and I keep joking about applying for jobs where she works, and she keeps telling me I'm not qualified. I showed her my profile to prove that I'm better at medicine than databases, so I must be OK, right?

Meanwhile, back in real life, I've never taken a single biology class. :)

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Nov 27, 2018