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There are some evidences to prove that ultrasound is subjective, as there are chances of it giving false positive results as the interpretation may vary from one evaluator to the other. the interpretation can vary on the evaluator. There is also a higher incidence of incorrectly identifying a mass as cancerous, a false positive.. Reference Preliminary data ...


Your first reference points out the difference between a lateral ankle view versus an oblique view. The oblique view is taken from a lateral position but the joint is tilted so that the rays travel parallel to the joint surface. Otherwise, a lateral view results in superimposition of different parts of the joint being imaged rendering it unclear.


X-rays are ionizing radiation, so they introduce a small risk of harm such as cancer. The risk is negligible at the individual level, especially compared with the benefit of imaging when you're sick. Ultrasound is a form of sound, so it's not ionizing radiation. High intensities of ultrasound can be used to intentionally break up tissue (therapeutic ...

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