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Are metamyelocytes typically present on blood tests?

Cells of the blood are produced in the bone marrow by multiple steps of differentiation, yielding intermediate precursor cells like metamyelocytes. Their presence in peripheral blood is abnormal. ...
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Are elevated platelet levels (yet, still anemic) a symptom of endometriosis? Connection?

Depending on the laboratories, the upper limit for thrombocytes count varies between 350,000 to 450,000/microL (350 to 450 x 109 /L). Thrombocytosis refers to the condition where the thrombocyte ...
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Does the blood removed from the body still have immunity?

The usual approach is to use a whole animal such as horses The results of our research indicate that healthy horses immunized with the SARS-CoV F69 strain can be induced to generate effective, ...
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What does granulocytes mean?

They're called that because they look like they have little granules in them. Anatomists and histologists often start out with describing what they see, and they often see things well before any ...
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Questions about neutrophils

According to Leukocytosis (Emedicine), in general: Neutrophils are high in bacterial and low in viral infections. Exceptions: Neutrophils can be low in some bacterial infections, such as typhoid ...
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What is the significance of white blood cells count to platelets count ratio?

The WBC to platelet ratio is not a commonly used index in medicine, and does not have any general significance. For example, infection, hematological malignancies, or solid organ tumors can all cause ...
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Normal high lymphocyte count in children

Such type of relative lymphocytosis may be due to: 1)vaccinations in children Vaccinations increase the number and the types of antigens available to the developing T-cells for their central ...
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Why White Blood cells are that important in defining infections

White blood cells are the cells of the immune system that are involved in protecting the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders. When there is an infection, the body makes more ...
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Possible reason/s for increases in neutrophil, platelet, and WBC levels at the same time?

The increased WBC, platelet, and Neutroplil count suggests that your body may be trying to fight off an infection. When the body is under attack, it increases it's white blood cell production to ...
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