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How long should you wait after lunch if you want to take a bath, and why?

Is it true that one shouldn't take a bath after lunch? No. That's a long hold myth, nothing more. Although it might have all the pedagogical value of scare stories in general: So telling kids they ...
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Does a hot bath effect fertility in men?

Closely Related to: What is the latest evidence on underwear affecting sperm count? Elevated temperatures are thought to decrease sperm counts in males. Elevated temperatures ...
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Is it ineffective to drink cold water to cool down when you are warm?

This is an interesting question and I will take the bait. Using the definition from here, and considering 2000 grams (2l) of water at about 0 degrees Celsius which the body must heat to about 37 ...
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(Why) does hot water dry our skin more?

"water of really any temperature does that if I'm not mistaken" Sorry but you are mistaken. Water temperature is an important factor in dissolving lipids. You can ask anyone who washes dishes ...
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Can cold drinks be taken with or after meals?

There is no evidence that cold drinks during or after meals adversely affects health - in fact - the opposite may be true. In studies of people with pure liquid meals, the temperature of the liquid ...
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