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Dangers of the OJ diet?

The diet consists of 24 oranges per day plus water. Nothing else. So let's see how much nutrition you're actually getting per day. Percentages are based on US Recommended Daily Intake for an adult. ...
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How much vitamin C last in orange juice?

Question: How much vitamin C is actually present in a glass of orange juice, taking into account could have been passed months since harvesting-squeezing-bottling to drinking? The nutrition label of ...
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Pills as an alternativ for fruits

The recommendation to stop eating lemon and limes to prevent tooth decay is likely due to their acid content. The primary nutritional benefits of citrus fruits are mainly vitamin C (ascorbic acid), ...
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Are fizzy "Effervescnt C" drinks any better than Vitamin C pills?

Effervescent pills have the advantage that since you ingest the active compount already dissolved the absorption rate is generally faster than for normal pills. This is useful when you need the drug ...
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Would cannibalism actually help to fight scurvy?

Scurvy, as you've said, is caused by a lack of vitamin C. This is an essential molecule in the construction of collagen, one of the main components of connective tissue in the body. Since many tissues ...
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