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"Uterine Disease" in 1880

Uterine disease in this case is an umbrella term for psychiatric disorders associated with women at the time and thought to be caused by disorders of the female reproductive system. You may be ...
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Outcomes after uterine rupture

What are the outcomes of uterine rupture? Treatment of uterine rupture is surgical. Goals are stopping the hemorrhage, delivering the baby, and repairing the uterus if possible. The range of risks ...
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OBGYN wants to insert IUD (Mirena) to treat my painful periods, but should I be worried by all the recent lawsuits?

Laparoscopic coagulation of endometrial spots itself is one of the clinically approved treatment for endometriosis. Though by evidence-based medicine the evidence for laparoscopic treatment can vary ...
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Can a woman tell which ovary, during ovulation, released the egg? Can she feel pain (due to follicle rupture) particular to one side?

The rupture of the follicle is totally painless as it is not innervated. However, some women experience ovulation pain. It is particular to one side, and the mecanism that cause pain are not fully ...
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Is menstruation manageable?

Heave menstruation can be a pathology, which is called menorrhagia. There is a multitude of medication available: NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or naproxen sodium (Aleve), ...
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How can men become pregnant?

Apparently men can get pregnant now? Yes, in two very different cases: Trans men can have a uterus, can get pregnant and bear children. It is theoretically possible for an XY male to have an embryo ...
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OBGYN wants to insert IUD (Mirena) to treat my painful periods, but should I be worried by all the recent lawsuits?

Making an assumption of a diagnosis of a such serious condition as endometriosis and starting with treatment that can have potential severe side effects without making the actual diagnosis is not ...
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How long does it take for the vagina to return to the way it was after giving birth?

During birth, the pelvic floor is stretched significantly, and the stretch is probable to never get back to the way it was exactly before. The NHS states it takes a few days for the swelling and ...
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