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Are medical units pertaining to blood-tests, etc. standard/universal? Or vary from country to country?

While the measured quantities are the same across border, both names and units can vary. The main difference is often the unit used for the concentration of each analyte : either mass per volume or ...
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Urine analysis, the baking soda myth

Let us start by saying that it is not recommended to use home-made remedies off of some internet website, as the information may be inaccurate and misleading. You should always consult with a ...
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Why might excessive drinking produce a false hypercortisolism reading in a urinary free cortisol (UFC) test?

Most of the cortisol entering the kidney is reabsorbed by the proximal tubule; only a small amount escapes and is eventually excreted in the urine. When large amounts of fluid is taken, the re-...
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Why are anti-inflammatories prescribed for an epididymis inflammation?

This is a wonderful explanation of inflammation, although a bit technical. Key passage: Inflammation, the immune response of body tissues to injury or infection, is an important component of ...
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Urine glucose testing for diabetes control

In short, glucose in urine is useful but not completely reliable test for diabetes mellitus, because: It is possible to have diabetes mellitus without glucose in the urine. Rarely, glucose in urine ...
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Is the Zimnitsky Urine Test used in the West at all? What tests are used instead?

So far, I could not find evidence that the Zimnitsky test is applied in exactly the same way in western countries. The urine specific gravity is a parameter that is assessed during urine analysis. ...
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Is the Zimnitsky Urine Test used in the West at all? What tests are used instead?

For diabetes, it is important to control glucose levels. This can easily be done (to a varying degree of accuracy) by checking the urine for glucose. Urine tests were once the main type of testing ...
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