While coffee in large amounts can stimulate urine production, it's not enough to produce a dehydration effect, especially in people accustomed to drinking caffeine. This recent study compared 50 male coffee drinkers in short trials both with and without caffeine, and concluded that in coffee accustomed males, coffee had much the same hydrating effects as ...


There are voluntary and involuntary muscles on urination. The default circuit is to close the involuntary during and before bowel. It is a way of the body forcing you to clear the bowel. urination


Urine is sterile when in the bladder. You have bacteria in the urethra (which goes from bladder to outside). When urinating, you usually wash out the patogens in the urethra, but some can still remain there. Then, if you don't urinate, bacteria can go up in the bladder and gives you patologies, like cystitis, or other type of infections. ((little off-topic:...

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