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Do you bleed to death after your penis is cut off?

Assuming the person is not taking anticoagulants, it's actually quite difficult to bleed to death from dismemberment of small members (hands, feet, penis, ears, nose, etc). Even large members such as ...
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Why does my antibiotic make my urine yellow?

The color, odor and consistency of urine can be differ and can reveal what you've been eating, how much drinking and what diseases you have, so change of the color is usually something completely ...
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What is the physiological process that would cause one to void more than once in the morning?

In healthy patients, a circadianic rhythm of urine excretion has been observed. In average, it depends on age, sex and total (consumed) fluid volume. Several factors contribute to this rhythm: The ...
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Is dry urine sterile?

Urine is not sterile, not while in the bladder and certainly not when it comes out. Contrary to dogma that urine is sterile in the absence of a clinical urinary tract infection (UTI); our research ...
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Why does my antibiotic make my urine yellow?

The anti-biotic could possibly be having an antidiuretic effect. This reduces the amount of water in urine, and so the natural yellow hue is intensified. There is a definition of an antidiuretic at ...
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Do you bleed to death after your penis is cut off?

The problem is there are too many unknowns. First, the speed of clotting varies from person to person. There are lab tests that measure clotting time (e.g. INR), especially useful when a patient ...
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Can holding pee cause kidney damage?

My career choice (primarily Emergency Medicine) guaranteed that it would be necessary to postpone micturition on a regular basis. A nights-only colleague in our very busy ED would succinctly sum up ...
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How does stress cause the frequent urge to urinate?

Stress and Urination In some people stress can cause an increase in urination. The form of stress may be physical or emotional. Since the control of aldosterone is partly under the influence of the ...
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Muscarinic receptors in bladder

According to this paper (full text freely available), "the somatic pudendal nerve stimulates striated muscle of the external urethral sphincter, mediated by ACh activating nicotinic (N) receptors&...
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Urinating while excreting

There are voluntary and involuntary muscles on urination. The default circuit is to close the involuntary during and before bowel. It is a way of the body forcing you to clear the bowel. urination
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