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It is prudent to obtain imaging studies to evaluate the relationship of the cyst with the urethra. Imaging studies are often done by radiologists, though some urologists do some imaging studies as well. Imaging studies include voiding cystourethrograms, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc. From Penile Lumps: imaging is often required to confirm the diagnosis. From ...


There are voluntary and involuntary muscles on urination. The default circuit is to close the involuntary during and before bowel. It is a way of the body forcing you to clear the bowel. urination


Source: Bel Marra Health Proteinuria: This is a condition in which protein is released in the urine in high amounts. Protein is normally released in the urine but in small amounts. When these levels become high, the urine can appear foamy. This can be a sign of an impending kidney problem as the kidneys are not filtering urine properly and thus ...

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