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Does intense pain cause people to lose consciousness?

TL:DR: No, not usually. It this true or at least possible? It is possible, but it is not common. People in an incredible amount of pain most often endure it without passing out. Others pass out at ...
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Does gender dysphoria qualify as a mental illness when talking to paramedics?

as you noted in comments about England context: according to NHS UK, one has to pass assessment at one of the gender dysphoria clinics in England After a detailed assessment to confirm the diagnosis ...
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What is it like to go under with Succinylcholine?

Succinylcholine, or Suxamethonium chloride, is an 'interesting choice' for this kind or purpose. As a muscle relaxant with a relatively short duration it will paralyse the victim, cause breathing to ...
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Keeping a heavily bleeding patient awake. Why?

No! With brain injuries, it is not recommended anymore to keep patients awake because people with a concussion need to sleep to recover. In the days before head CT scanning was widely available, ...
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