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Effects of commuting on health

When studied from a physiological point of view, commuting is generally divided into two categories: active and non-active. The former involves modes of transportation such as walking and bicycling, ...
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How can I prepare my body for a trip by boat and don't get motion sickness?

Motion sickness is a complicated process, and as you've noticed, different people are affected to different degrees. People can and do become habituated to vertigo-inducing motion, but it takes a ...
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Dengue fever carrier

The virus transmits not person-to-person, but person-to-mosquito-to-person. The carriers may be bitten by mosquitos who up until that point weren't infecting people, and afterwards can. The World ...
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Can I gain immunity against traveler's disease?

A short summary of a report by Prof. DDr. Martin Haditsch seems to come to the conclusion that a permanent immunity of travelers against "traveler's disease" can not be gained. Traveler's diarrhea ...
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Sanity checking airplane advice re DVT: walk every hour, 2-3 hours? OK to sleep?

Unless you have risk factors, don't worry too much Dr Gordon Guyatt, chair of the panel, said: "There has been a significant push in health care to administer DVT prevention for every patient, ...
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Can a pregnant woman travel 30 minutes when she is only 10 days pregnant?

Pregnancy is not a disability! Other than avoiding things known to be bad for a developing fetus such as alcohol, smoking and certain drugs, there really aren't many limits on what you can do. Until ...
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Instant nausea when boarding aircraft

It sounds as though you're developing a conditioned response or allergy to some smell of the aircraft insides. Insecticides are used in some international flights but this is prior to disembarkation, ...
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Foods/Drinks to avoid before and during a flight

Foods that cause bloating in general will also cause bloating on a flight. Foods that can cause bloating from gas production include anything with certain artificial sweeteners (like maltitol, which ...
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