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Is transvaginal ultrasound the only imaging modality option for diagnosis of PCOS?

Diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) requires that 2 of these 3 be present: chronic anovulation hyperandrogenism (clinical/biologic) polycystic ovaries For the 3rd criteria, usually a ...
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Can ultrasound gel be used as an internal lube?

I've come across mentions of ultrasound gel being essentially the same as lubricating gel, and I'm wondering if they can really be used interchangeably. I'm assuming this would be true for anything ...
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Do transvaginal ultrasounds break the hymen if one is a virgin? Is it painful for a virgin?

I was diagnosed with PCOS a number of years ago. Recently, my OBGYN set up an ultrasound for me to check on the status of my ovarian-cysts. I just thought it would be a normal pelvic ultrasound ...
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Would a regular ultrasound be able to differnciate a benign ovarian cyst from an ovarian tumor? Or is a Transvaginal ultrasound needed?

Would a regular ultrasound ordered by an OBGYN be able to detect/differentiate typical benign ovarian cysts from an ovarian tumor? Or is a transvaginal ultrasound needed in that case? Are there ...
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