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What are the indications for ethanol?

Fomepizole is indeed the preferred treatment for methanol and ethylene glycol poisoning, but ethanol can be used if fomepizole is not available. Some doctors/ hospitals will treat alcohol withdrawal ...
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Being drunk, how does vomiting help become responsive?

Vomiting does not restore alertness. It might rouse them from their stupor because of the physical activity it involves, but it does nothing specific to increase their level of consciousness. If ...
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Should all the stuff be thrown away when moving out from a house with mold?

The CDC has a great website on cleanup after mold. Also, this is a simple pamphlet. The degree of decontamination needed depends on the item and the extent of the mold. Whether something needs to ...
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Toxicity of nicotine vs potassium cyanide

Most medical literature reports a similar level of toxicity between nicotine and cyanide - 50 mg for cyanide and 60 mg for nicotine as lethal doses. However, there is controversy over the true lethal ...
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What is considered moderate when referring to (sub)acute hypertension, hyperthermia and tachycardia?

"Moderate" and "modest" are just descriptive adjectives. They don't have any quantitative meaning, and I'm not aware of any effort to standardize their meaning for these sorts of ...
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After effects of mercury vapor inhalation

The first thing you learn in toxicology is that it is all a question of dose. Anything will kill you if you take enough of it; nothing will kill you if you take a small enough dose. The fact is that ...
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Should all the stuff be thrown away when moving out from a house with mold?

Note: this is my personal experience, not a scientific opinion or anything like that. I hope it helps. I had a similar situation to you three years ago. We moved out of the damp apartment, full of ...
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