Per the for label for Sodium Fluoride chewable tablets. A treatment dose of Sodium Fluoride Chewable Tablets contains 0.25, 0.5 or 1.0 mg fluoride A standard OTC toothpaste, in this case Crest Pro-Health, contains 0.454% fluoride. For you to get 1mg of fluoride from this toothpaste, you would have to swallow just over 220g. One tube is 130g. If we assume ...


I have never cleaned my teeth in bed or in space but both have a common problem - where to spit? Chris Hadfield made a video while on the ISS and said "swallow": https://youtu.be/M-Vqe1NGSKw?t=112 It is reasonable to assume his advice has come from NASA's medical team and is trustworthy and safe.

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