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Are tobacco packaging warning messages improving health of society?

There are some studied done about it. Here is the list of them Effectiveness of cigarette warning labels Perceived Believability of Warning Label Information Do Cigarette Warning Labels Reduce ...
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Does Nicotine cause Cancer?

There is not enough evidence either in support or in rebuttal... EFFECTS OF CHRONIC OR REPEATED EXPOSURE: Nicotine is a teratogen (capable of causing birth defects). Other developmental toxicity ...
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Are there beneficial compounds in cigarette smoke?

In short: In some studies, smoking was associated with reduced risk of retinopathy only in individuals with diabetes type 2, but with an increased risk in those with type 1. In diabetes type 2, ...
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Natural ways to quit smoking

Natural Ways to quit Smoking Candy and Gum. Sucking candy or chewing gum can occupy your mouth and time much the same as cigarettes. Even lollipops can help. The flavor of the gum keeps the mouth ...
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Does Nicotine cause Cancer?

It is a common way to demonise substances in saying that they "cause cancer". In the case of recreational or habitual tobacco smoking there is no longer much debate over whether that is true or not. "...
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Are there beneficial compounds in cigarette smoke?

I've previously researched the answer to this question. I've inserted my research on this answer below. I'm very interested to hear what you think. Nicotine is a component of cigarette smoke. ...
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Is non-smoked nicotine a smoking cessation-aid?

Yes, nicotine replacement therapy is used in multiple forms, including a skin patch and oral dosing with gums and lozenges. The purpose is to help avoid the side effects of nicotine withdrawal, while ...
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Does Nicotine cause Cancer?

I'd want to add to Narusan's answer the following: While nicotine by itself doesn't seem to be a carcinogen, to some degree it may be converted to carcinogenic N-nitrosonornicotine (a tobacco-specific ...
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