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How do the symptoms of viral tonsillitis differ from bacterial tonsillitis

There is a great deal of both overlap and variability in the symptoms associated with pharyngitis. Many causes can include visible swelling of the tonsils and tonsillar exudate, and so can be ...
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Does drinking water constantly protect against coronavirus infection?

Such claims about drinking water to prevent COVID-19 also appeared online, but major health organizations do not support them. Health experts say drinking water every 15 minutes does not prevent ...
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Fish bone stuck in my throat

Homeopathy remedies have no physiological effect ( A homeopathic consultation along with the associated ritual of prescription etc may have a psychological or ...
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Chronic hiccups

To get a proper diagnosis and see if you really suffer from chronic hiccups, you have to see a doctor. Chronic hiccups can be a symptom of another disorder, so sometimes treatment is based on ...
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How to scratch an itchy throat

Typically itchy throats are associated with post nasal drip, dry air, allergies, or some other irritant. If it's allergen related, an antihistamine (Benadryl, Zyrtec, Claritin, etc) can be helpful. ...
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How can I tell if a fish bone is stuck in my throat?

It's often difficult to tell the difference between an esophageal abrasion and a foreign body just by how you feel. If you get it checked out and it's just an abrasion, no biggie; if you don't and it'...
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What are survival rates of male patients in stage IV throat cancer that has metastasised to the lower pallet?

There is a large difference in survival depending on whether the cancer was caused by HPV or ( probably) tobacco/alcohol. The HPV cancers have significantly higher survival rates. I am surprised the ...
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