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Therapist vs Psychologist

From PsyD to PhD to MSW to MFT and others, psychotherapists have a wide variety of backgrounds, education, exposures, experiences, philosophies, and approaches to treatment. Much more so than most ...
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What VR app that cure myopia?

There isn't an app that 'cures' myopia There is at least one 'eye training' VR app for things like amblyopia (which I make no claim about the benefits or drawbacks of); and reports from 2015 of a ...
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Monotherapy of multiple drugs or combination therapy - Beginner 101

If it is planned this way, it can be seen to be combination therapy but generally it would be monotherapy throughout. Generally speaking, monotherapy is using one medication to treat a condition. If ...
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What does “serum” precisely mean?

From what I can find, intravenous serum therapy is a less common synonym for intravenous fluid therapy (Fahimi et al. 2011). The difference, to my comprehension, is that the term intravenous serum ...
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